I have the issue where I have files on one of my computers that I need
but have no access to the computer right at the moment. Well, I have
found an easy to use solution for this problem, it’s called 
Windows Live FolderShare. This is a Microsoft website and desktop solution. 

it lets you do three things: sync files between multiple computers,
remotely access your computer files, and share files with others. I will
explain these in more detail below.

First, I better explain how the whole shebang works. It is pretty easy to setup – download and installs the FolderShare application on
either your PC or Mac (yes, I said Mac). Next, sign up for an account.
Oh my! You’re done. Now you can access your computer remotely through
the browser at the 
FolderShare Site.

don’t leave, yet there’s more. Next up, syncing files between
computers. To get a file syncing set up, you’re going to need a second
computer. But really, who doesn’t have five computers sitting around?
Once you got that second computer, go ahead and install the FolderShare
application on it also. You are done, ok, good. Now you should see that
computer on the FolderShare site; again, you can now remotely access
those files also. To set up folder sync, you need to create a 
Personal Library and
go through the setup of choosing the original computer and folder and
then the computer(s) to sync the files with. This is a great feature
that I use for syncing small project files between computers. 

last feature we are going to take a look at is sharing folders with
your friends. This is a little different from typical sharing
applications as a Shared Library in FolderShare will sync the shared
files into one or more of your computers. For example, my friend has
some pdf books (copyrights are out of date, of course) that he wants to
share with me. To do this, he creates a Shared Library and adds my email
address to the list of people who can access it and sets my
permissions. Then I get an email letting me know I have been added to a
Shared Library. Finally, I can choose which of my computers it syncs
with and where.

Well, that pretty much takes care of my overview of the product. 

there are always tons of choices out there when it comes to software,
and I’m just expressing my opinion on this one. I would love to hear
what everyone else uses to handle some of these tasks. Also, feel free
to leave questions or comments below.

Note: Before installing FolderShare or any other syncing software on your work computers, check with your IT department.

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