Why Do Users Uninstall Mobile Apps?

The healthiest market in the current scenario of IT industry is of mobile apps. Undoubtedly, there has been tremendous hike in this market since last few years. There have been uncountable participants who have started contributing to mobile applications development industry and number goes on increasing. On the other hand, the numbers of app users are also increasing on a daily basis with Smartphone prices going low. With so many apps of similar forte present in the market, it becomes hard for the user to choose the correct one which can turn out to be user-friendly.

Due to cut-throat competition between mobile app development companies, the user eventually gets benefited. If not comfortable with one app, one can always opt for the other. Users uninstall these apps on a regular basis and this gives deficit to the app development. Some of the reasons that lead the users to uninstall such apps are mentioned below:

1. Complex Features

The first and foremost thing that mobile apps developer needs to focus developing the app is the ease of use. Also reduce complexity as much as possible. Hunting for the features while the app is in use is not a favorable situation that any user wants. They want directive and secured approach in the use of the app that can give them optimized results while sharing. This can also prove beneficial as it will enforce them to give mouth to mouth publicity for your app. Most of the apps that have inherited complex features within them get uninstalled within few days of download.

2. Security Issues

Although the app functions are quiet significant and the use is easy, one of the major setback with app is its security. Whether the working of the app may be online or offline, once the role of internet comes into the picture, one cannot mitigate the risk of security issues that arise during app use. So if the use of the app hinders the speed, accuracy, RAM usage or security of personal data in the phone, it is obvious that users will uninstall their apps. Most of the app occupies low disk space but during its use they utilize large amount of RAM where there is always the danger of hanging up the phone.

3. Unfriendly GUI

The appearance of the app gives the first impression once the app when it is downloaded. Avoid gaudy colors, shapes and fonts while making the app so that user does not get hiccups while using the app. User-Interface design is the most important part of the app as it can give the feel to the application developed. Another important criterion about the GUI is the significance that it holds with the usage of the app. If the app is with sporty, gaming or robust feel, GUI has to be colorful. Most of the apps get uninstalled just after their download because of the GUI they possess.

4. Updates and Upgrades

With continuous evolvement in the technology, the newer versions of the app are coming regularly. If the user finds the same monotonous usage of the app, there are hundreds of other apps in the market that have far more efficient usability than it. So they uninstall the current app and download the other one for effective utilization.

There are various other reasons as well for which the mobile apps are uninstalled by the user. But this are the critical ones and they must be kept in mind while design & development of the mobile app. This can help mobile apps developers to develop an app which can be useful for the user as well as incur monetary benefits to them.

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