Regarding Mobile Application Development

Development of mobile phone applications is growing rapidly these days and hence has made our life simple and risk free. However, some of these applications are either free or paid. But what are mobile applications development in real sense? Let us discuss about this in brief.

About ‘Apps’

Mobile phone applications or mobile phone app or simply ‘app’ are software developed for hand held devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, enterprise digital assistants and personal digital assistants. The most popular mobile phone application developing giants are Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and Google. These applications can be downloaded by customers after they are pre-installed during the manufacturing stage. It can be downloaded from various mobile software platforms so that it can be used just like an application within a web browser. Some of the apps can be downloaded to desktop computers and laptop computers as well. Apps can be categorized as Native apps, Web apps and Hybrid apps. Mobile phones were initially developed for general use such as email, weather forecast, calendar, stock information retrieval and more. But due to its popularity its use was extended further to other areas such as GPS, mobile games, ticket purchase, banking sector and others.


Every mobile application development platform has an integrated development environment with which the developer can write applications, test and use it on the target platform. Development skills and infrastructure availability are the main criteria for development platform selection. Also, the development process is mainly dependent on a very important factor called the ‘performance’ that is fully related to user satisfaction and performance of the application. Developers need to look in to other factors as well such as battery life of a mobile device, its screen size, configuration and specification. This is because of the changes and competition prevailing in each mobile platform.


A mobile application that is developed is tested on the developmental area and then taken to field testing. Applications that are developed on mobile phones can also be tested using emulators. Testing is also done using agent programs and manual testing. Reports say that mobile phone apps are increasingly becoming popular due to their usage and availability. And hence, it demand is rising sharply. Another report says that the revenue generated from apps is set to rise at alarming effect in coming years.

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