Freelance Programming: Dream Job or Nightmare?

When looking to make a good living, many people opt to become a software programmer. This is a great way to make a living in both the short and long-term. However, there is a huge difference in which way a person can go in their career. In fact, when working, many opt to go the freelance route while others opt to work at a large and established corporation. While it is the dream of many to work on their own, here is a short guide that answers the questions if freelance programming is a dream job or nightmare.

Always finding clients

It is not easy for a freelancer to find new clients. While it is not hard to find excited people who want programs, it is hard to find people to pay for the service. While not impossible, a programmer will have an uphill battle to find excited customers. For this reason, if you want to become a software programmer, you should opt to hire a marketing firm or establish a long list of clients. This is important as it is nearly impossible to succeed without finding a long list of excited clients. Luckily, when this happens, a programmer can make the big bucks all on his or her own.

Get rich

While working at a large corporation, you will have a huge glass ceiling. While a worker can enjoy a nice paycheck, he or she will never make a lot of money. On the other hand, if you work as an app inventor, you can make a lot of money with the same effort. This is true when looking at geniuses who have developed some of the coolest and most exciting smartphone apps. Remember, when working for yourself, you will get to take the money in and not make someone else rich. On the other hand, a freelancer will have a hard time making a good living if he or she does not find clients quickly


It takes a long time to commute to work and get ready. On the other hand, if you work as a freelancer, you can set your own hours and work from home. This is not always great for some people; in fact, plenty of individuals prefer to work in an office and work with others. Not only that, if you work as a freelancer, you will have to make room for a small office and buy plenty of equipment. However, in the long run, the benefits of working as a freelancer outweigh working in an office.


Without a doubt, when you work at a large corporation, you will get more benefits such as health care, paid time off and retirement accounts. This is not the case when working as a freelancer as you will have to pay for this on your own. This is not bad in itself. But, when setting the price for services, a freelancer must charge enough to pay for health insurance and other benefits that he or she would enjoy from a large corporation. Of course, this is a great deal for a qualified and hardworking person who can command top dollar for his or her services.

One slow month

A smart freelancer must have a lot of cash in his or her savings account. Think about it, one lost customer or slow month will cause a person to lose a lot of money quickly. This is a serious downside to freelancing and a smart app developer should line projects up well in advance. If a programmer has a family and plenty of financial obligations, he or she should consider working at a large company and slowly working their way to setting up shop as a freelancer.

There are many benefits and downsides to working as a freelancer in the programming field. With this in mind, a smart and hardworking app developer or person who even has experience python programming can make more money as a freelancer in the long run.

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