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Wish Helps to Make Shopping Fun

It can be a lot of fun to shop. It can also take a lot of time out of your day. That might be the best reason to shop at on a regular basis. Through an intuitive process, the site and shopping app begin to learn about your tastes and preferences. Then Wish will […]
by b8eiUeya / June 20, 2018 /In Software & App

Why Do Users Uninstall Mobile Apps?

The healthiest market in the current scenario of IT industry is of mobile apps. Undoubtedly, there has been tremendous hike in this market since last few years. There have been uncountable participants who have started contributing to mobile applications development industry and number goes on increasing. On the other hand, the numbers of app users […]
by b8eiUeya / May 24, 2018 /In Software & App

Reasons to Perform Cross-browser Testing

After months of anticipation and a couple of mockups, you have fully functional website ready to launch. Of course, you will feel excited to launch your website and start getting business from the internet too, but what if you fail to reach targeted audience due to poor compatibility of your website or web application with […]
by b8eiUeya / May 22, 2018 /In Programming & Coding, Software & App

Website Performance – How to Improve Test Reporting?

What is website performance testing? This can be defined as ‘Taking cautious action against a web application or website for its ability to function under different circumstances. The circumstances could be load time, response time, low bandwidth, etc.’ Reporting of test results plays a vital role in optimizing performance of the website. Continual information and […]
by b8eiUeya / May 22, 2018 /In Software & App

Choosing An App Development Company: Making the Right Decision

Everywhere you look there are great chances that you will find somebody carrying a tablet, a Smartphone, an iPhone or a laptop. With so many portable mobile devices available in the market, it is not news at all that the app development industry has become a very attractive and profitable one. The users of mobile […]
by b8eiUeya / May 8, 2018 /In Software & App