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Wish Helps to Make Shopping Fun

It can be a lot of fun to shop. It can also take a lot of time out of your day. That might be the best reason to shop at on a regular basis. Through an intuitive process, the site and shopping app begin to learn about your tastes and preferences. Then Wish will […]
by b8eiUeya / June 20, 2018 /In Software & App

Web Usability vs. Aesthetics When Budget Matters

Your Web site is your first introduction to a lot of potential customers, and while its visual design may dazzle your customers, they may not be able to get the information they need. When it comes to designing a Web site for your business, usability is frequently sacrificed for concerns of the visual design and […]
by b8eiUeya / June 7, 2018 /In Marketing & Sales

What Exactly is a Copywriter Anyway?

When you hire a copywriter to write your Web site, direct mail, newsletter or any other marketing materials, do you know what to expect? Many business professionals don’t really know. They don’t understand the underlying value that a professional freelance copywriter brings to the table. For instance, all writers do more than just slap a […]
by b8eiUeya / June 6, 2018 /In Marketing & Sales

How to Unit Test Private Functions in The Revealing Module Pattern

The Problem Several patterns for structuring JavaScript code have been around over the past few years, chief of which are probably the module and the revealing module patterns. They both manage to cope with spaghetti code that seems to be a severe problem in large enterprise web applications. The advantages of these structuring patterns are […]
by b8eiUeya / May 25, 2018 /In Uncategorized

Getting Started with Web Components

Working at Mozilla has let me get in on the ground level of many upcoming specs, and one of my favorites is the Web Components spec. Haven’t heard of it? I don’t blame you, it’s been relatively silent in the general web development community, but in my time contributing to x-tag, I’ve gotten more and […]
by b8eiUeya / May 24, 2018 /In Programming & Coding

Online experiment #1 – Getting programming help

Saturday Last Saturday I was getting my daily dose of JavaScript (and TypeScript) when I noticed that a post kept repeating itself in the SERPs, appearing on different programming forums: CodingForums, Dev Shed, Digital Point, SitePoint. As far as I can tell, forums have not been the most lively places lately. All the new social […]
by b8eiUeya / May 24, 2018 /In Programming & Coding

Why Do Users Uninstall Mobile Apps?

The healthiest market in the current scenario of IT industry is of mobile apps. Undoubtedly, there has been tremendous hike in this market since last few years. There have been uncountable participants who have started contributing to mobile applications development industry and number goes on increasing. On the other hand, the numbers of app users […]
by b8eiUeya / May 24, 2018 /In Software & App

Regarding Mobile Application Development

Development of mobile phone applications is growing rapidly these days and hence has made our life simple and risk free. However, some of these applications are either free or paid. But what are mobile applications development in real sense? Let us discuss about this in brief. About ‘Apps’ Mobile phone applications or mobile phone app […]
by b8eiUeya / May 23, 2018 /In Programming & Coding

Freelance Programming: Dream Job or Nightmare?

When looking to make a good living, many people opt to become a software programmer. This is a great way to make a living in both the short and long-term. However, there is a huge difference in which way a person can go in their career. In fact, when working, many opt to go the […]
by b8eiUeya / May 23, 2018 /In Programming & Coding