This topic will require storage space on your cellphone, but might save your expenses. Maybe some of you already use this application or maybe even, just heard of this application from some of the list below.

There are so many great apps out there, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. To help you navigate through the noise, I have hand picked 5 must-have apps . Each of these apps are available for both Android and Apple and all are free besides Whatsapp which costs $1 per year. These apps are apps that won’t just change your cellphone experience, they will make your life better.

1.   Google Hangouts

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Get in touch with your loved ones. Google Hangouts users can take advantage of free unlimited calls to anywhere in the world. Enjoy free one-to-one and group calls, messaging, the ability to share videos, stickers, animated GIFs, maps and more. The app works on the web, iOS and android phones. You can use this app with WIFI or with your cellphone’s data (data usage rates apply).

2.   WhatsApp

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 WhatsApp is perhaps the most used app on my phone and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should. WhatsApp allows you to message anyone anywhere for free – which makes it perfect for staying in touch with friends and family overseas . Perhaps the most used part of WhatsApp is the ability to group chat with friends and family no whatever which platform their phone is on. This is really great for sharing pictures, videos and messages with loved ones all across the globe. WhatsApp recently launched free voice calls as well, which is truly incredible. Don’t bother buying phone cards, just download WhatsApp. There is a $1.00 yearly fee for WhatsApp, but that is a dollar very wisely spent.

3. Shopkick

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As you shop around town, make sure your are getting the best price on the products you buy with Shopkick. Shopkick gives you the ability to scan the barcodes of items you are interested in to ensure you are getting the best possible price. You can also collect “Kicks” which are points you can redeem for gift cards. All you need to do to collect Kicks is walk into a store or scan products at a store. With Shopkick you will never again miss a chance to save.

4. Evernote

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Evernote is the best note-taking app out there. It allows you to take notes, save ideas, track tasks, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and capture photos straight from the app. Evernote also syncs everything between your phone and computer automatically. Get organized. Get Evernote.

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