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4 Must-Have Apps That Will Save You Money

This topic will require storage space on your cellphone, but might save your expenses. Maybe some of you already use this application or maybe even, just heard of this application from some of the list below. There are so many great apps out there, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. To help you navigate through […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 29, 2019 /In Software & App, Uncategorized

What is support from a start-up’s stand point?

Today, a management system is developing in startup companies about customer center-based services. But, in fact, in some companies it is only idealism without real application. Support in a start-up by definition is a direct line of communication with their users. Support channels many things for the company including requests, complaints, feedback, and assists users […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 27, 2019 /In Uncategorized

Drupalcon Day 1: Drupal shops working together

The basic idea of this session seems to be how to get over the difficulties of Drupal shops working together. The general consensus in the room is that most Drupal shops are 10-15 members. Working with other groups is not just about collaborating on a client project, but also collaborating with groups that are responsible […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 21, 2019 /In Programming & Coding

My Adventures through Dell Technical Support

Here’s the skinny – I purchased a laptop, it stopped working, and I wanted another one. But, in order to accomplish this feat I had to venture into the dreaded world of corporate technical support. We’ve all been to this place, comfortably guided by a recorded voice on the other end. Presented with options, that […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 17, 2019 /In Uncategorized

Drupalcon Day 1: Newb to Ninja

In my first attended session at Drupalcon 2019, speaker Dries Buytaert started out with the basics of Drupal features including forms and the idea of separating presentation from content with themes. Developing In Drupal Obviously, if you’re going to be developing in Drupal, you’re going to want a place to do the coding. Setting up […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 11, 2019 /In Programming & Coding

Great Places to Find Beautiful Usable Icons

Icons are our forgotten friends. Every app needs them, but often times they are thrown in at the very end. Of course when building an app single handedly, you should not focus on such things when code needs to be written. But when it comes time to build a user interface, they are typically an […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 7, 2019 /In Graphic Design

7 Places to Find the Perfect Color

Choosing the right colors for your project is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but getting them wrong seems to be one of the easiest things to do. To make sure you get your colors right the first time, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest online resources in color creation. Creating Color […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 5, 2019 /In Graphic Design