Kirby CMS vs Stacey CMS

After working with the two systems, I’ve come to a conclusion as to which system is better and for what. So let’s explore the two flat-file Content Management Systems and see if Kirby is worth the $39 and if Stacey’s lack of funding has made an impact. I have made a Kirby Theme based on […]
by b8eiUeya / March 10, 2020 /In Programming & Coding
Canva Promo code

Design your graphics and publish anywhere using Canva

If you want to get a template designed for your personal or commercial purpose, then you must be knowing how essential it is to design it properly and lucidly. To perform this task, it is necessary to take the help of the experts. After all, it is a big thing to promote your event or […]
by b8eiUeya / March 9, 2020 /In Graphic Design

Introduction to the Pulse Engine

One interesting corner of HTML5 development is web-based games. With a few well placed canvases and a healthy dose of Javascript, you can create just about any game you can dream. However, the complex nature of Javascript has created the need for a few companies to release game engines built entirely in Javascript and HTML5. […]
by b8eiUeya / February 25, 2020 /In Programming & Coding

How to Download Software

According to Evans Data Corp, there are about 18.2 million software developers worldwide, a number that is due to rise to 26.4 million by 2019, a 45% increase. In its latest Global Developer Population and Demographics Study. So, you can imagine how many software applications that they have been made. Choose Wisely The Software That […]
by Brandon Cannaday / December 19, 2019 /In Software & App

Significance of the WMS framework

In the business world, innovation is an inseparable part. If you want your business to grow or survive, you must keep abreast of the times. Nowadays, the innovation fills in as the main impetus of rivalry, and the customers of the organization trust in them to keep focused top by conveying the production network perceivability […]
by Brandon Cannaday / December 9, 2019 /In Marketing & Sales

How to Install Slingbox Mobile Software

Today’s technological advances allow us to enjoy unlimited entertainment. Since the last few years you can enjoy the internet not only through your laptop, but now through television in your living room. It means you can get unlimited access to television program around the world. A Slingbox lets you access local television channels from almost […]
by Brandon Cannaday / December 3, 2019 /In Software & App, Uncategorized

4 Must-Have Apps That Will Save You Money

This topic will require storage space on your cellphone, but might save your expenses. Maybe some of you already use this application or maybe even, just heard of this application from some of the list below. There are so many great apps out there, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. To help you navigate through […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 29, 2019 /In Software & App, Uncategorized

What is support from a start-up’s stand point?

Today, a management system is developing in startup companies about customer center-based services. But, in fact, in some companies it is only idealism without real application. Support in a start-up by definition is a direct line of communication with their users. Support channels many things for the company including requests, complaints, feedback, and assists users […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 27, 2019 /In Uncategorized

Drupalcon Day 1: Drupal shops working together

The basic idea of this session seems to be how to get over the difficulties of Drupal shops working together. The general consensus in the room is that most Drupal shops are 10-15 members. Working with other groups is not just about collaborating on a client project, but also collaborating with groups that are responsible […]
by Brandon Cannaday / November 21, 2019 /In Programming & Coding